Absolute Building Solutions

Electrical Service


General Maintenance & Repairs

Accreditation & Registration

  • Qualified, Skilled, Experienced, Licensed, Accredited Electricians
  • Registered with Department of Manpower
  • Registered with the Electrical Contractors Association
  • Registered with the Electrical Contractors Board.

Our Client Base​

  •  We service the Private Home Owner  
  • Residential Market
  • Complexes
  • Managing Agents
  • Industrial and Commercial

Our Services

  • Electrical Compliance Testing, Inspection and Certification throughout Gauteng.
  • Emergency 24/7 Call-Out Service
  • Lightning Damage Repairs
  • Electrical Maintenance and Servicing
  • Fault Finding and Tracing.
  • Cable Fault Location and Tracing and Repairs
  • Electrical Distribution Board Repairs
  • All Electrical Repairs to Lights, Plugs,  Earth Leakages,  Circuit Breakers.  NO JOB TO BIG OR SMALL
  • Electrical Renovations, Alterations and Upgrades
  • New Build Electrical Installations from START TO FINISH
  • Geysers, No Hot Water Repair
  • Gate Motors
  • Electric Fences
  • Power Surge Protection Installation


Compliance Certification

Accreditation & Registration

  • Registered with all Governing Bodies, Accredited and Licensed for Electrical Compliance.
  • Qualified, Skilled, Experienced, Licensed, Accredited Electricians
  • Registered with Department of Manpower
  • Registered with the Electrical Contractors Association
  • Registered with the Electrical Contractors Board

Electrical Compliance Testing & Inspection for Certification

  • Selling or Buying a Property we can assist with the Compulsory Electrical Compliance Certification.
  • Renting a Property, ensure your Landlord or Managing Agent has a Valid Electrical Compliance Certificate in place
  • Its Good, Safe Electrical Practise to have an Electrical Certificate of Compliance not older than 2 Years old or should any Electrical Alternations,  Extensions or Additions be undertaken,  these must be Certified with a Valid current Electrical Certificate of Compliance.
  • It’s only Good,  Safe Practice to ensure your Electrical Installation is Safe and Compliant for the Protection of the Users and well as the Premises.

Procedure We Follow

  • To Issue a valid Certificate of Compliance there will be an Upfront Testing and Inspection Fee that is payable to book and carry out a proper on site Test and Inspection of your Premises.
  • We will have to carry out an on-site physical Inspection and Test of the Entire Electrical Installation for Compliance Certification.
  • The cost involved in doing the initial Inspection and Test will be an upfront payment so we can book a date and time that is suitable for yourself.
  • After completing the Test and Inspection we will be in a position to determine whether or not any repairs are required to bring the Installation up to Compliance Requirements, if no repairs are necessary we can then issue Compliance Certification. However should it be necessary to carry out some Remedial Works to Comply with Standards we will then issue a Report with a written Quotation on relevant costing thereof, once repairs (if any) have be completed we will then be able to issue a Compliance Certificate.
  • Please be aware that the Testing and Inspection Fee does not include the cost of any possible repairs that may be necessary. The payment of the Inspection Fee does not Automatically Guarantee that a Compliance Certificate will be issued.


Solar & Inverter Solutions


  • LOADSHEDDING AND POWER OUTAGES are a Real Challenge with the use of Innovative current Market Solar Solutions we can offer you affordable Solutions to meet your Solar requirements.
  • From the basic Back-Up Systems through to a Complex Full Off Grid Solar Solution depending on your Customer requirements.

Our Services

    • Solar Geyser; we offer retrofit Solution on your existing, conventional Geysers as well as complete new efficient systems,  cost effective complete systems that will give you real savings on your power utility bills.
    • We offer a wide range of from a 100 L up to a 300 L system.
    • In the event of adverse continued, bad overcast weather our systems off back up heating element options to ensure you never without hot water.
    • Residential and Commercial Solar Power Solutions using Solar Panels / Inverters / Batteries.
    • We can power your Business or Home with Solar Energy from the Sun.


Generator Solutions


  • LOAD SHEDDING AND POWER OUTAGES DON’T BE LEFT IN THE DARK! We can assist with all different Solutions from Fully Automated Back-Up Generator Solution to connecting your own Portable Generator.
  • We can supply a large range of suitable sized Generator Solutions for all your Residential, Industrial or Commercial requirements.
  • We offer basic Generators with a Manual Change Over option as well as more convenient Automatic Transfer Switch –Over Units.
  • We assess your needs and are able to discuss and specify a suitable Solution to meet your requirements and budget.
  • Whether it be a Private Home Back-Up Generator or a Larger Commercial / Industrial required Genset we have the Solution.
  • Call us we would gladly like to be of assistance